Friday, December 12, 2014

Restock, school registration, trying out toys

This past week, it was time to do inventory again. Pulling out my bug out bag, i realized I had made a big mistake. Over the past couple of months, I had been pulling things out of my bug out here and there and forgotten to restock them later.

So I made a list of what is needed and will restock on my next run to the store. I personally think it is good to use the items in your BOB. This keeps you familiar with the items in it and where they are. That, and it keeps perishable items, like medical supplies and food, from being expired when you need them. So don't be afraid to use these items, just remember restock. I personally have decided to keep an inventory checklist so i know whats in there and what i have taken out.
I also trial ran a life straw. These are cool little devices. If you don't know, they are large straws that have water filters built in. They are fairly easy to use. Draw water into a bottle (I used a Gatorade bottle) insert straw and drink. It worked great! There was an initial weird taste, but shortly after it tasted like water from the tap. I think this is a great tool if space dor water in your bag is limited. Only downside is you would need to locate water you would trust can be filter with them. Ill provide a link at the end of this post.
As far as an update on my life. I am officially registered for paramedic school. I am taking EMT-B this next semester and plan to share techniques and skills i learn along the way.
As my schedule transition, I am planning on continuing updates at least weekly. Thanks for reading!

Link to
Life Straws

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