Friday, September 5, 2014

Where am I going with this.

I have woken up! For several years I have wondered what would happen if everything went to hell. Its always been a theme we see in TV, movies, and video games. It's in books and a thought I would hope everyone has had at one time or another. But what woke me up to it all is not the likely hood that nuclear war, natural disasters, or social and or economical downfall could occur. The end of the world as we know it can be much more smaller on a global scale and just as devastating to the individual.

That's what got me into prepping. No tin foil hats, no bunker in the backyard, no Illuminati or aliens. Don't get me wrong, my family was in the 2009 ice storm, I have seen how quickly things can escalate by simply turning the lights off for a region. But, what I am looking at is preparing for more than that. What about a job loss, car accident, personal financial fallout, or house fire. These can all be just as devastating to the individual as martial law being declared due to the collapse of the US dollar. The Yellowstone super volcano doesn't have to blow to throw your world upside down.

So even though I would like to be ready for a terrorist attack our nuclear war. I plan to start my journey in the prepping world with the disasters closest to me. So as I go about this crazy plan. I would like to chronicle what I learn, do, and plan (vaguely for security purposes) here, so that others can learn from my successes and mistakes.

So what can be expected next?

I have gotten the first hurdle many prepper's face in there journey's down. Convincing the spouse! She is on board, though not as adamant, but a green light from the wife is always helpful, and healthier.

So as a family we have started bug out bags (BOB) for everyone and began coming up with plans of when to bug in and bug out. We have printed out directions to places we could go that avoid highways. This was hard since living in a larger city, the streets can be just as bad as highways.

I plan to post examples of what we have and encourage others to adapt these and use what you would like in your own preps.

More to come soon. Thanks everyone.

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