Saturday, September 13, 2014

Well... That was a little uneventful

Well it is September 9/13 at the time I am writing this. With the hype that some people were building over this recent 9/11. We did nothing! We didn't bug in, or bug out, or freak out. We kept our ear out for anything happening, but we didn't change our daily plans at all. Why not?  Because we didn't have too!  I wanna call this our first success as a prepping family. We had general plans in place for any kind of disaster, supplies for executing the plans, and skills to do so. It was a relief, and comfort for everything to be in place.

So even though nothing happen. We now know how it feels to not have anything to stress about when there is a chance of some event could occur.

Update of what our current projects are....

Me - Studying for my Amateur Radio License, looking into getting my EMT-B license in the spring, building food stores, learning Fire,Water,Food,Shelter in the wilderness skills.

Wife- Learning basics of homesteading, refining the kids and her own BOBs, refining bug out protocols for her and the kiddos, budget to make us more financially secure.

Kiddos - Getting them use to being outdoors more, exploring strange foods, exploring farm like lifestyles and getting them more disconnected from TV, Games, Etc.

I think this is going to become a weekly or bi-weekly blog and I will try to be more frequent but I don't know how often I will have meaningful info. I will also look into writing my first guide to a skill or prep that we have in the next couple weeks.

Write in a comment below and check out the podcast list to the right. They are some of my favorites and are very informative.

Check back for a new post soon!

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